When and why is Earth Day celebrated ?

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 to show support for environmental protection around the world. This date is the spring in the northern hemisphere and the autumn season in the southern hemisphere. Earth Day was established by US Senator Gaylord Nelson as environmental education. Starting from 1970, this day is celebrated by more than 1 billion people from more than 192 countries around the world.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that there is so much power in nature that it can fulfill the “need” of every human being, but the earth can never fulfill the “greed” of man.

Earth Day was established by US Senator Gaylord Nelson as environmental education. Today, more than 195 countries around the world celebrate this day, which started in 1970.

Currently, more than 1 billion people take part in Earth Day activities every year. Thus with such a large number, it is the largest civilian movement in the whole world.

Earth Day is an annual event, which is held on 22 April to demonstrate support for environmental protection around the world. At this date, there is spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere.

The first Earth Day held on April 22, 1970, was attended by 20 million Americans, in which people from every society, class, and region participated. In this way, this movement was turned into the largest environmental movement of modern times.

During this time, students of thousands of colleges and universities in America protested against the degradation of the environment.

Eco-savvy, enlightened societies, voluntary organizations; Continued demonstrations to prevent incidents of oil spills at sea, companies to dump factory wastewater into rivers, to stop the practice of dumping poisonous waste and to prevent economic activities that cut forests are doing.


Who gave the term Earth Day?

The term “Earth Day” was given by Julian Koenig 1969. To commemorate this new movement, the day of April 22 was chosen, on this day it is also Koenig’s birthday. He said that “Earth Day” melds with “Birthday”, so he suggested celebrating Earth Day on 22 April.

Apart from this, there are school holidays in the world during this month, due to which people are free to participate in the movement and the temperature is also favorable in the countries of the world.

Ron Cobb created an Ecological symbol, which was later adopted as a symbol of Earth Day. This logo was created by adding the letters “E” and “O”, in which “E” represents “Environment” and “O” “Organism”. The logo was published in the “Los Angeles Free Press” on 7 November 1969 and then placed in the public domain.

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The theme for Earth Day 2020 isClimate Action” and that of 2019 was “Protect Our Species“.


Factors that destroy the Earth’s environment are as follows:-

1. Polyethylene is the deadliest for the earth, yet we are using it indiscriminately. The theme of Earth Day 2018 is also based on this “ending of plastic”.

2. Cutting down trees and polluting the rivers and ponds remains a part of our daily lives.

3. Human resources of the world are less aware of issues like the environment.

4. Human being inclined towards exploitation.

5. Relaxation of forest and environmental protection laws.


This year, the 50th anniversary of the first earth day is being celebrated. In order to make this anniversary truly successful, we have to make an ambitious set of environmental goals to improve the environment of the 21st century.

Satirists call air pollution the “smell of prosperity”. If industries continue, and world leaders and industrialists consider international conferences to be a hangout of fun, then soon this earth will again become a fireball.

In the end, it can be said that the day we will make this earth revivable for generations to come, the world will truly celebrate Earth Day or Earth Day.


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